A malicious accusation  has 

been committed against 

The Citadel family.  The target— 

Lieutenant Colonel Ken Boes.

Chain of Events

After dozens of conversations, and our own experiences,  we believe the following is a general timeline of events. Since May of 2018, Lt. Col. Ken Boes  and his family have been the target of a troubled human being. 


1.  Lt. Col. Ken Boes began mentoring a cadet in his care at the Citadel. This cadet was troubled, having been arrested in Charleston on 12 December 2016 for second degree domestic violence and accused of multiple Honor Violations, but seemed to have a decent shot at life if he could keep his head on straight. As Ken has done with many, he took him under his wing and mentored him as best he could.

2.  Through their many professional interactions, this cadet began to take a romantic interest in the daughter of Ken Boes during the summer of 2017. Both the daughter and Ken thwarted this romantic interest, as she found the accuser to be unbecoming of a gentleman.

3.  As he has done for numerous cadets Ken assisted him in securing an internship with a company in town.

4.  As the spring semester progressed, the accuser seemed to become more troubled. The accuser went AWOL from the Citadel for a number of days. His grades were slipping and his relationship with his father was becoming tense. At the request of the accuser's mother, Ken went to the company the accuser works for to meet with him and organize a plan to get him back on track. The accuser did not show to the meeting requested by his mother and subsequently sent threatening messages to Ken. In the messages, the cadet accused Ken of trying to get him fired from his internship and proceeded to threaten Ken with legal action.

5.  The accuser left the Citadel for academic reasons after spring semester 2018. His classmate tells me that he failed two classes in the spring semester that he also failed in the previous semester, causing him to be academically ineligible to return to the Citadel.

6.  When the accuser was faced with explaining to his father that he had failed out of The Citadel, we understand his father threatened to cut him off.  That is when the accuser for the first time purports  these false accusations against Lt. Col. Boes.  

#Jesse Strong Supports the Boes

Jesse Ray Nardone, Class of  2017 shares his story and his support for the Boes family.  


The Boes family  faces a mounting financial burden. We need to raise $250,000 to meet the legal defense costs as well as ensuring a safe home and reliable vehicle for the Boes family. The legal battle they face could go on for months.

We are so thankful for the generosity to date. Please find it in your heart to give what you can, any donation is extremely appreciated. 

Mentor, Leader Lt. Col. Ken Boes

Lieutenant Colonel Ken Boes

A Citadel Graduate of the Class of the Class of 1984, Lt. Col. Ken Boes served in the United States Army Reserves and as a TAC for 18 years. He deployed on active duty tours to both Iraq and Afghanistan- returning to his family and the Corps of Cadets to continue his lifelong mission of mentoring principled leaders and raising his two young daughters.   For the last 10 years he has presented rings to graduating seniors, who requested the honor of having him present their, "Bands of Gold." They consider him to be their ideal of good character to this day.

Ken Boes and His Girls

The Boes Family

Ken, Heidi, and their two girls.  Ken and Heidi have been married 25 years. Their two daughters  have grown up on The Citadel campus, the girls enjoyed a younger sibling role as their parents hosted and mentored cadets . The family especially enjoyed the security and support of campus living during Ken's multiple deployments.  The girls are currently attending college and Heidi is a career school teacher.

Friends of the Boes Family

Who We Are

We are friends of the Boes family.  Some of us have known Ken Boes over 35 years. We know the character of the man accused, we know the sacrifices he has made for our Country and his Alma Mater.  We support  him 100% and are confident that he is the victim of false accusations. Accusations that have cost his  family dearly.    

Long Grey Line, The Citadel

Why We Stand by the Boes Family

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When you grow up on The Citadel campus.

You Can Help

Faced with mounting legal fees and a personal financial crisis. We ask the Citadel family to stand behind the man who stood behind all of us.  One hundred percent of monies raised will go to Ken’s family.  His life will forever be damaged by these outrageous accusations, but this is a way we can help as best we can.  Please consider helping.

Soldier, mentor, friend

Lt. Col. Boes’ return to the Citadel! On August 22, Ken posted bond and returned to campus to find the Corps of Cadets lining the streets to welcome him home. He greeted them all as they cheered in support. Although contact with cadets was not a violation of his bond hearing,  it was a violation of his agreement following the opening of a Title IX investigation in May. Therefore, Ken thought it best for him and The Citadel to resign from his position.

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